Traditional real estate technology is costly, disconnected, and relies on data that doesn’t empower agents or their clients.

Our singular focus is delivering tech that’s simpler, smarter, and more human, all at no additional cost to you or your team. Gain control of your database, your business …

Introducing Keller Cloud.

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Your Database is Your Business

Keller Cloud technology identifies and prioritizes who to contact – and when – so you’re never out of touch and always top of mind.

  • Sync everything through a true cross-application ecosystem

  • Enjoy clear, organized, and customized contact management

  • Keep a consistent record of what you and your client say

Top of Mind, All the Time

Stay top of mind and ahead of the curve by sharing pertinent, personalized information with your clients. Easy-to-create, localized marketing materials provide real-time insights at the neighborhood level – supplying your customers with intel that satisfies their individual needs.

  • Share real-time neighborhood insights

  • Leverage one-to-one marketing

Perfectly Engineered Search

What are your clients looking for in their home search? How about an instantaneous, deep, and AI-powered experience that connects your client’s wants and needs to their best match? More than just a resource, our tech empowers you to discover what your clients want, which brings you that much closer to closing.

  • Gain a deep understanding of your client’s needs and wants

  • Equip your clients with AI-powered search

  • *Consumer app available Q2 2019

Transaction Transparency

Keller Cloud technology streamlines the entire transaction, from lead, to close, to your next payday. With everything in one place, you’ll know exactly where each deal stands while gaining insight and understanding for the road ahead.

  • Focus on client relationships and dollar-productive activities

  • Never miss a beat with seamless client communication

  • Set goals and forge a path to next-level business

We believe that real estate is about relationships – a journey that starts with a handshake. That’s why we create technology that ensures these relationships will endure and grow, helping you shape your business into one that flourishes, one life-changing client experience at a time.


The Home for Teams

When it comes to tracking transactions and managing your team, bring it all home with the Keller Cloud. Identify next steps and leverage a shared environment to keep everyone on the same page. Time for your team to expand? Easy – the Keller Cloud makes quick work of recruiting, tracking, and managing your talent pool.


Refer your way to bigger business

Tap into one of the largest, most-profitable real estate networks on the planet. Referrals helps you find trusted partners, negotiate and arrange specifics, and keep tabs on who has the ball at all times – so it never gets dropped. Referrals provides transparency and peace of mind throughout the transaction.


Together Everyone Achieves More

Connect with the brightest minds in real estate. Groups takes online learning and collaboration to a whole new level, quickly connecting you with fellow agents on the subjects you’re most interested in. Ask questions, pose topics, and learn from others who have been in your shoes.


Connect in Real Time

Chat puts your communications in one, easy-to-access place. Check in with a team member on the status of a transaction, or ping someone in your office about an upcoming training. No matter the need, Chat gets you what you need, when you need it ... fast.

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Goals Achieved

Keller Cloud technology empowers you to be more. It gives you more time, more value, and more freedom so that you can focus on big wins instead of headaches. Best of all, it ensures you and your relationship with clients remain where they belong – at the heart of real estate.


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